Bolna Aunty Aau Kya Part – 2 is Out | Om Prakash Mishra

Om Prakash Mishra, yes yes, the same boy who made the song ‘Bola na aunty aau kya’ and who became so viral that people were crying. There were also occasions in many places, and this boy became famous after two years of singing on YouTube. Many people did not like to sing this song, many hated these and many liked them.

Just like Dhinchak Pooja came in Big Boss and ……………… singing songs has made her a superstar. Now Om Prakash Mishra is also seen in the same line. Recently, his second song was released which is part 2 of ‘Bol na aunty aau kya’. In the first part, he was unable to pay attention to his voice and look, but this time he has made a strong return.

The beginning of the song is in with strong music and Om Prakash Mishra is joking so much while singing his songs that the questions are not there. People have even said in the comment that ‘Bhai, you will be the next Honey Singh.’ Now it is time to tell whether this boy opens luck like Dhinkach Pooja. But now you see Om Prakash Mishra’s latest song

Like every coin has two sides, some of you might like this song and some of you won’t. But commenting death threats and abuses is equally wrong. Criticism and hate are two different terms. People need to understand that even he is a human and even he can get affected by this hate from all over the internet. The only thing is if you don’t like his songs don’t watch. Until then be happy.

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