Earn Money Online through Google (New method)

Hey guys, today I am going to show you a new method to earn money online. You might have heard about some methods in the past but I am sure 98% of the people don’t know the method I am showing you today. You have heard about earning through a Youtube Channel, Blog, Website where you can place ads using your adsense account and also by creating some mobile applications you can place ads through AdMob program.

Each one of you know that Google is one of the most trustful website in the world and Google is the leading company in the IT sector. Besides the above mentioned methods of earning, recently I have found out a new method of earning through Google.

New Method to Earn Money Online through Google is User Research Studies.

This is a new method of earning through google. You can also do this on your smartphone if you don’t have a Desktop pc at your place. Using this method you can a decent amount of money for yourself.You can earn upto 75$ in a hour ie Rs 4800.


Go to : https://userresearch.google.com and hit sign up !


After you sign up for the program you have complete a google’s sign up form which will take around 20mins. Once you complete the survey google will be inviting you to various surveys and will be awarding you in completion.

You can refer the following video to know more.

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