Get Free SSL Certificate For Your Website or WordPress Blog (HTTPS)

Free ssl certificate, free SSL certificate generator, free SSL certificate google, best free SSL certificate, free trusted SSL certificate: SSL certificate is used for the secure transactions between the user and the server. It ensures that there is no data breach or leak during the transfer of data from the server to the user. If you have SSL certificate installed on your site, the user is likely to trust your site more than a site having no SSL certificate. I am going to show how  you get a free SSL certificate for your website

HTTPS also helps in the website ranking in google, bing and other search engines. SSL is necessary for membership basewebsite, , so that helps to encrypt data on the client server.

Few your are planning to buy an SSL certificate for yourself spending some decent amount then you should first have a look at the free SSL providing websites and hosts. Companies like SiteGround provides a free SSL to their clients. You can go for it if you want.

Website Security with SSL/TLS Certificate

  • SSL – Secure Socket Layer
  • TLS – Transport Layer Security

 1. Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority brought to you by the non-profit Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). They provide free SSL certificate to their clients. This is a great way to save cost if you have just started your website.

It is a automated process. You don’t have to wait until it gets signed by the CA Authority or create  CRS. All this happends in the backend on the web server.

Let’s Encrypt

2. Cloud Flare

Cloud Flare is a security company. Even cloud Flare provides a free SSL certificate for your website or WordPress blog. Cloudflare speeds up and protects millions of websites, APIs, SaaS services, and other properties connected to the Internet

Cloud Flare has announced a free SSL for their clients in a free plan. So if you want to get an SSL you just need to sign up on their website, provide the necessary details and get a free SSL certicate.


  • Login into Cloud Flare.
  • Select the website you want to enable SSL.
  • Click on Crypto icon.
  • Make sure it’s configured as “Flexible” and status shows as “ACTIVE CERTIFICATE”.

It may take some time for your certificate to get active. You can check by manually visiting your domain using HTTPS.

Other than these two companies there are also companies like:

  1. StartCom
  2. WoSign
  3. SSL for Free
  4. GeoTrust
  5. Symantec
  6. Entrust (60 days)
  7. Trustico
  8. Quality SSL

I have personally used Cloudflare SSL and it is pretty good but if you do not properly redirect your website from HTTP to HTTPS you may face a problem called INFINITE REDIRECT LOOP. Due to which I opted out of these free SSL.

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