iPhone X making cost will shock you

The phone which is one of the most costliest phone an average earning  person could buy  but it seems to be very cheap to build that phone. The iPhone X comes with a lot of features that makes it so costly to buy.

The parts for the base model of the iPhone X with 64 gigabytes of storage cost $370.25(23,877INR approx), according to an analysis by research firm IHS Markit, Bloomberg reports. That figure does not include manufacturing and software. Apple sells that model for $999, meaning it makes a margin of 64 percent. That number is slightly higher than the iPhone 8, which Apple sells for $699(45,078 INR) at a gross margin of 59 percent. The iPhone 8 costs $255.16(16,455 INR) for the parts, according to the analysis.

Breaking down the iPhone X part-by-part, the new 5.8-inch OLED display is the most expensive piece of the device. Display costs Apple around $65.50, compared to $36 for the 4.7-inch LCD display on the iPhone 8. As you would expect, this is largely due to the OLED technology used in the iPhone X’s panel.The stainless steel chassis also represents a decent chunk of Apple’s iPhone X cost. Here, you’re looking at $36 for the stainless steel design of the iPhone X, versus $21.50 for the aluminum housing used in the iPhone 8.The iPhone X’s other standout feature — Face ID – utilizes the True Depth Camera, which costs $16.70 per phone for the company.

There are some key difference in hardware that account for the $122 price difference between the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Apple is paying a premium for the parts that drive many of the exclusive features on the iPhone X.

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