This WhatsApp’s feature can save your relationship


WhatsApp is a rapidly growing messenger app at present.So, to make more progress they are adding more features to their app and one such feature which is very useful is launched.It’s called DELETE FOR EVERYONE feature.

What is Delete for everyone feature..?

This feature is helpful to avoid your typing mistakes as one always types in a wrong message in trying to type it fast or if someone sends the message to the wrong person.As, these things can cause problems in personal as well as professional life so they should be solved and now WhatsApp gives you a chance to solve them using “DELETE FOR EVERYONE feature.

This feature deletes the message completely from your as well as the other end users chat as well.You have to delete the message in 7 minutes or it would not work after that and you have to delete it before the other end user reads it.So, you have to be quick.This feature is available across different platforms, such as Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.You just have to make sure that the other end user to has the updated version of WhatsApp or this would not work in old WhatsApp versions.You need to have a (v2.17.395 ) version of WhatsApp. This update is not available for the Symbian operating system.So, make sure you get your WhatsApp versions updated to use this extraordinary feature.

How to use this feature..??

Step 1 :

Hold the message you want to delete.

Step 2:

Press the delete/trash icon .

Step 3:

After that press the Delete for everyone option.

Step 4:

After deletion, the message would appear like this.

Whatsapp updated version :

Updated WhatsApp

Hope you have understood how to use this new feature. WhatsApp might be having more useful features in future so for having it’s detailed make sure you visit our site. Comment below how you feel after using the feature.

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